Monday, 18 September 2017

No Retreat Horus Heresy II: Army List and Photos


You may have seen one of my previous posts about SN Battle Reports No Retreat Horus Heresy II event that I am attending in just under 2 weeks! I finally got around to playing with the army in it's final form and I was also able to snap an army photo to share with you.

The list follows many of my standard ideas when it comes to my Sons of Horus First Company. It is based around The Justaerin standing by Horus' side. We will walk and deepstrike then hit things until the die from it!

I am using Primarch's Chosen RoW. We will all be using 3000 points for the event, an increase of 500 points from the first version of the event that I attended. I have used exactly the same army as before but adding in 500 points more!

Chaplain with power fist

9 Justaerin
9 Justaerin
10 Justaerin

Contemptor multi-melta, fist with heavy flamer, extra armour
Contemptor Mortis, 2 Kheres

Fast attack
9 Reavers, 2 power fists, 3 power swords, dreadclaw drop pod.

The Justaerin are armed with a mix of weapons. 1 squad had 5 combi-meltas and multi-melta, 1 has 5 combi-plasma and a heavy flamer and the third has 2 reaper auto cannons. The melee weapons are a mix selection of axes, fists, chain fists and dual lightning claws.

I'm getting exciting for the event now! Just need to work out how I'm going to transport the models this time around as they won't fit in the case I took last time, the dreadclaw causing the biggest problem! I think it will have to go in the hold of the plane possibly! 

Any one else heading to this No Retreat or been to any others? 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Weekly Progress Report 17/09/2017

Hi all. 

Another week of hobby progress. 

Ahmose has slowly started working on Magnus this week.  He's hoping to have him a lot closer to completion by tithe end of next week.

Darien started the massive project of painting his 6x4 Zone Mortalis board! Many spray cans were used! He also built most of a Rhino for his Emperor's Children.

After fixing up his airbrush, Ikthelion has been testing out new undercoats and paint schemes for another legion project - watch this space!

Aveinus has started to base his ork boyz this week and should have the first squad done and ready to post very soon

I have been quite low on the time for hobby front this week, but still found time to get some work done on some ladders. 
Expect to see lots more Shadow War Armageddon posts these few weeks. 

Drake Seta

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Citadel Paint App Review

Hi all,

I thought I would take the opportunity to review the Citadel Paint App this week, as it has just launched today.

I have downloaded the App on my iPhone and will be using the iOS version for this review. Having said, that it is also available for Android and Kindle.

Firstly, the App is free! Upon seeing that it was free, I initially thought the App would essentially be a glorified shopping basket for buying Citadel paints. You'll be relieved to hear its much more than this!

Upon opening the App you are greeted with a menu screen. You are presented with options to paint by colour, paint by miniature, paint bases, inventory and wish list as well as a get started tab.

If you select the get started tab, you progress to a further menu where the whole range of techniques utilised are listed, with instructional videos for each. It also lists all of the different brushes offered by Citadel, providing detailed information as to why you should use them for each specific technique. If you've ever wondered about the the composition of your shade brush - the Omnissiah has heard your cry!

The paint by colour tab opens up into a further menu of generic colours. If for instance you select red, it opens up a further list of varying shades.

In this instance I selected bright red and was greeted with a list of paints required to achieve the colour, providing a different recipe whether I was dry brushing or layering. All of the colour schemes are represented on Space Marine backpacks.

If you open the paint by miniature section, you are presented with just over fifty different models to choose from. The currently available options offer a good balance between Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. It would seem that GW are planning on expanding this over time though. No Horus Heresy schemes yet.

If you select a model, you are presented with a close up labelling the major colours used.

You can then click the individual colours and are presented with the same layout as found under paint by colour option.

If you select the paint bases tab, it provides you with a list of different styles.

When you select one it again lists the paints you need and the techniques needed to replicate the effect.

In review, I would say that this is a cracking App by Games Workshop - all the more so when you consider it is free. I would wholeheartedly recommend downloading it today! Especially given they are giving away five sets of the entire paint range next week to five lucky individuals who download the App!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Emperor's Children Update 5: Fixing a Storm Eagle

Hello all!

When I first started in the Heresy a few years back I feel in love with the Storm Eagle model and promptly ran out and purchased one! I knew I should leave building it until I was more experienced working with resin but I couldn't resit. I set about building it for my Sons of Horus army. It went badly!

You can see the big gaps that I left in the front! I hadn't worked out that a hairdryer is a Forge World's fan best friend. I also realised that I managed to glue the front wings on the way! I also glued the heavy bolters up the wrong way! >.< The front and rear hatches were also some what disastrous!

The Storm Eagle had originally been intended for the Sons of Horus, however I never really found a place in the army list. I contemplated selling it off but while playing around with lists and campaign ideas I decided that it would fit in well with the Emperor's Children.

Now that it was staying in the collection it needed some serious love and attention! I set about fixing it! First up I snapped the front wings off and tidied up the glue on them. Got them back on the right way, as well as up the right way! Next I dealt the front ramp and the crazy gaps I had left. I scraped the glue out from around the bottom of the ramp and managed to free up the all sides so that I could close the gaps. Then out came the hairdryer to warm up the sides and get them bent back in place. 

I fixed the rear ramp and the bent a few other bit and pieces back into shape. Now it looks like it should! Well nearly, not a lot a could do heavy bolters being up the wrong way. It's now ready to join the ranks of the Emperor's Children. The only thing I have left to decide upon is whether to go with etched brass or transfers. 

Anyone else managed to make a mess of building a model? Did you manage to fix it?

Happy hobby! 


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Warhound Titan Seething Hunter of Legio Mortis Finished

Hi all

Thanks for following my progress with the two girls. And now Seething Hunter is finally finished!!

Seething Hunter is known for her temperament. She has a bellicose spirit, just like her Princeps Jani Filmak. Quick to temper and slow to give up a grudge, Seething Hunter will stalk her prey and enact her wrath upon her foe, as though she were a Battle Titan, not a scout class. This results Seething Hunter often being recovered from the field of battle by rescue barques and Secutarii recovery teams, but more often they will find her atop the corpse of a larger engine. This is often facilitated by Canticum Malitiae as a shield stripper.


Seething Hunter marches!!

 I completed the banners a short while ago and am pleased with the results.

 Seething Hunter with her twin Canticum Malitiae.

 A powerful engine and ready to deal death.

Thanks for following my progress.

And here I give you the current Bloodmire Maniple. 

Bone Garland, Canticum Malitiae and Seething Hunter. 

For Legio Mortis I now want to paint my Secutarii, Reaver and an assortment of Legio Mortis Mechanicum support. But I need to get some terrain and my gaming room done first (partly due to my 2 and a half year old almost taking out the 3 Titans with a "Vortex Pillow". . . I need a display cabinet. . . 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Thousand Sons Contemptor

Hi all,

I thought this week I would showcase my Thousand Sons Contemptor.

The Thousand Sons are lucky enough to have a legion specific model, and it is easily my favourite sculpt across the whole range!  It is unmistakable in belonging to the XVth Legion. 

 The kit itself was a joy to put together, as with all Contemptors, with minimal flash or warp slippage.  I ended up pinning all of his major joints as insurance, as it is almost impossible to repair the red should a joint shear off.

I was torn on what to arm him with, but I eventually went with the dual Volkites.  I was initially met with some skepticism as they are far from being the most popular choice. 

In the end though, the rule of cool won out.  I have to admit I have been pleasantly surprised as to how well they have performed.  They are rather good at popping light transports, especially if the said transport has had misfortune cast on it!

I’d love to add a second Contemptor to my army, but I have to admit I am starting to look longingly at new projects. 

I still need to finish my Castellax, and then I have Magnus left.  That will take me to a nice round 3000 points.  I might start a new project at that mark, but am still somewhat undecided!

Happy hobbying!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Weekly Progress Report 10/09/2017

Hi all

Another week of good progress from the Battle Bunnies. 

Ahmose has spent this week working on his Castellax.  He's hoping to get it finished this week so he can start work on Magnus.

Ikthelion has had some hobby time for the first time in a while; it's mostly been spent on sorting out his hobby area and servicing/repairing his airbrush in anticipation of plenty of painting to come! He also managed to sneak in a game with Ahmose this afternoon!

Aveinus has been continuing to work on his orks. He is now onto painting his second squad of ten ork boyz and has concentrated on getting all the base colours and washes finished before moving on with any highlights and battle damage. He has also started to base his first squad of ork boyz which you'll see in a post once the basing is completed

Atia used this week to work on the Deathguard Dreadnought! He should be finished within the next days - Mortarion is waiting ...

I myself have been running a train on terrain with Kaelo this week. We are both trying to get a Shadow War Armageddon board ready for Necromunda, and I have been doing the silos , walkways and dipping into transfer creation for Zone Mortalis tiles. 

Drake Seta

Death Guard Plagueburst crawler and Myphtic Blight-hauler rules

Hi all

Some rules for those two new units are circling the web now. Thanks to a friend for sending these in again. 

Plagueburst Crawler (>100 base)

 T8, 12 wounds, 3 attacks, LD8, 3+ save, S7 

Plagueburst Mortar – 12 inch to 48 inch range, Heavy D6, S8 AP-2 D3 Damage, can hit units that are not visible to the model 

Heavy Slugger 2x Plaguespitters (can be replaced with 2x entropy cannons, 36 inch range, Heavy 1 S8 -4 AP D6 damage)

Myphitic Blight-hauler FA Slot (<100 points a unit) 

S6 base, T7, 8 wounds, moves 10 inches, does not degrade, 3 attacks, 3+ save Has DR, 5+ invul save (daemonic), +1 to hit rolls when 3 or more in a unit Does not suffer penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons

Foul stench (enemy units must subtract 1 from hit rolls when targeting him in the fight phase)

Putrescent Fog (friendly DG infantry units that are entirely within 7 inches gain the benefit of cover when making cover saves) – 

Missile launcher – Multi melta Bile spurt – 12 inches, assault D3, S6 AP-1, D1, plague weapon Gnashing maw (melee) -2 AP, S user, D1, plague weapon

Drake Seta

Saturday, 9 September 2017

New 40k Death Guard photographs

Hi all

Thank you to one of my friends, I have just been sent these images. Not sure where they are from yet, but it is great to see the new models. 

What is that?!

Ah. The Deathshroud have fallen a lot. 


Bloat Drones

Plague Surgeon


Foul Blightspawn. 

Drake Seta